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IF YOU CELEBRATE YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY, 15 MARCH 2015: You’re about to have extremely strong and tidal year. Right now is the best time to make a big step ahead. Now you’ll manage to see the results from the actions from the previous years.
Be active, hard working, determinate and brave, mobilize your will, be correct and honest. You can take risks but don’t rush. You’ll start work in new areas and you’ll have good financial and material gains. Great and grand actions are waiting for you and the most important will be that you’ll manage to make them happen. But be fair in everything.
WORK: Good incomings, deals, end of a trial, receiving of heritage. This year will be for great changes.
FINANCES: Investments, buying of short and long-term things, but without risks. Don’t buy things that you think are just spent of money.
HEALTH: Great, but watch out your physical activity and for your knuckles. Avoid the extreme pressures and the trips.
EMOTIONS: Possible favorable situation for eventual engagement, have more trust, be smart and think! MORE: http://astro.velida.net/index.php?cmd=numerology&lang=en#8

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