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IF YOU CELEBRATE YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY, 8 MARCH 2015: Something new starts, you are given a great chance. This is extremely strong and tide year. Be brave, resourceful, do not step back from your aims and plans, but act and take a risk- you will be very well rewarded. Be loyal to yourself, respect the others and do not divert from your way for any reason. Don’t let yourself get lazy during the year. On contrary, this is moment now to plant this which you going to collect for the coming 9 years. Now is the time for some kind of serious change, something colossal and shaking your world from the bases.
WORK: Your activities may work out in the summer. Changes, promotion, team work, stability and prosperous.
FINANCES: You can receive them only from work and deals. Long- term investments are possible.
HEALTH: Strong and stable energy. Risk of catching cold, sinusitis, migraine.
EMOTIONS: If you are single, you have the great chance to meet new love, but start thinking from now how to save it. MORE: http://astro.velida.net/index.php?cmd=numerology&lang=en#1

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